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East Bali bali holiday

Bali Homestay

Make your Bali holiday a "home away from home."
Our family welcomes you to come and stay in 4 very comfortable Lumbungs (traditional Balinese rice barns.) Our accommodation is in a lush garden by the sea in the East of Bali.

Traditional Balinese living.
Be part of our Bali village, relax and enjoy living in a different pace of life. Or ask us what you would like to do and we can help you. Lumbung Damuh will meet two of your important holiday requirements: relaxing peace and quiet while you listen to the wind and the waves; and, value for your rental dollar.

Seek an adventure or simply relax.
We will provide you with a quality homemade breakfast plus excellent service. Here at Lumbung Damuh we aim to take the best care of you and make your holiday on this beautiful island of Bali a memorable one.

Traveling on a budget?
We have not raised our prices since this website was originally launched in 2002.

East Bali Experience.
We have been operating our Balinese lumbung accommodation for over eight years. Our local knowledge of Candi Dasa, and Bali in general - is complete. We have guests from all over the world. Most guests will return to us for another stay. Some have taken five years to return! Others come back and stay with us every year.

Guide Books.
You will find us listed in many German & French guide books as well as many other travel references for Bali, Indonesia.

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