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Below are some comments from our Lumbung Damuh Guestbook. We appreciate this feedback from the many guests who have stayed with us.

"Joni Mitchell lamented that they tore down paradise, put in a parking lot! Tania & Lempot managed to tear down a garbage lot , put in a paradise. Lumbung Damuh is a paradise in all its guises, with wonderful hosts, splendid accommodation and our greatest stay in Bali. Thanks for a great start to our travels."
Family van Kempen
August, 2002
"Thank you so much for letting us share in this small paradise you have created. So refreshing to see how a Bali holiday can be so down to earth and peaceful."
Kate Kras & Leon
July, 2001
"Totally de-stressing experience.
Ed and Karen
September, 2001
"Thank you so much for a piece of heaven on Earth! Absolutely lovely accommodation! The bathroom is amazing."
December, 2001
"We discovered this hideaway on our search for a beer break. We ended up
staying longer. Hosts with lots of info."
March, 2002
"Home away from home. Experienced a taste of village life with you."
Rosemary & Mike
New Zealand
May, 2002
"A combination of simplicity and thoughtful design is working fabulously."
Marcel Baayens
New Zealand
June, 2002
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