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Below are some comments from our Lumbung Damuh Guestbook. We appreciate this feedback from the many guests who have stayed with us.

"On voulait remercier encore Tania's Family qui nous ont réserver un super accueil. Les meilleurs petits-déjeuners que l'on ait eu pendant notre séjour a Bali!!! On a tellement été content que l'on y est retourné, avec mon chéri ca a été notre coup de coeur, notre petit cocon!!! A bientot, suremement a la fin de l'année si tout va bien"
Julie & Cedric
March 30th 2008
"Tania & Lempot made me feel so welcome here and apart of their family and everyday life. I arrived as a backpacker and wanted to experience true Bali life and this definatly met those requirements! They are a lovely family and it was an amazing experience to get involved with the village and learn about the Bali culture. I hope to come back in the future."
January 6th 2008
"Tania! congrats on the website. It looks great! Tapi kalo semakin banyak orang yang dateng lama2 makin mahal dong yah? I hope not! I'll be a poor college student for a while hehe I LOVE Lumbung Damuh! I will absolutely come back there. I had the BEST 21st birthday at your homestay. Your place is really a breathtaking tropical paradise. I'll be home in December. Hopefully, I can come and visit. Send my love to everyone, esp. Princess Lilly."
Sienara Arsyad
August 24th 2007
"Hi Tania and Lempot and everyone from Lumbung Damuh. It's a while now since we left Bali and your paradise. We really enjoyed that time and will come back. Please do NOT change anything because it was perfect! Thanks."
Pam and Rainer
January 29th 2007
"Hallo Tania gr uit Nederland doe iedereen de groeten ook nyoman je weet wel gr aan je man en kids en de rest van de straat ook de mensen van rbbc aan de overkant komen volgend jaar weer merry xmas en happy 2007."
Ron-Dwight Anne
December 15th 2006
"Hi Tania, Lempot, Lily, and Jacob (? he was off in the water a lot) I had a wonderful experience with you all! This is THE place to hang out in Bali! Keep your eyes out for me, ILL BE BACK, SOOOON!"
Michael the Chiropractor
United States
March 15th 2004
"The Lumbung experience was amazing and will be something that we will never forget. Tania and family make you feel very welcome and provide the best of service and good advice on the area. The staff went out of their way to help and kept the place in an immaculate way. We stayed here for a week and had an excellent mix of activities and 'chill out' time. You are in easy reach of Candi Dasa where you kind find a variety of good restaurants. Thanks Tania, Lempot, we really enjoyed your bit of paradise."
Torben & Alix
December 5th 2004
"I really loved this place to! i came to you in a disaster kind of time in life and you made me all good. my leg is ok now. just a little blue mark. but i see it as a memory of you. you knew how to see everything in the right kind of way and the surrounding of yourse that you created shows how much you love the nature and life. miss you all and hope to see you again. lots of love xxx, charlie (now in the age of 22 and been in all corners of the world but now placed in the mittle, back home)coming to see you again."
March 15th 2004
"I had a wonderful time when i was there.lempot,tania,jodi,lily and everyone at lumbung...you are a diamond.arak& sate ikan...can't beat them.i'll be back...definetely."
March 13th 2004
"Hey y'all- I can't believe it has been years since we last enjoyed your company and home. The picture of Sunshine and Jodi sits on our mantel and reminds me everyday of the love of your family and the beautiful time we had on your land. My heart and life have been enriched by the experiences we shared. Your kindness to us and your love of the earth set my heart at peace. I surely hope the wind blows us to you again soon. There is truely no place better for Sunshine Flowers to feel safe and be relaxed. And to think there is one more now in your gorgeous family. Can't wait to see the kids play together. Julie."
Julie and Sunshine Flowers
United States
January 4th 2004
"Hoi Lempot en Tania, Wat valt de kou tegen na een heerlijk verblijf in jullie warm Bali! Maar goed, nu hebben we teminste een Kerst gevoel met al die kou en sneeuw. Hoe gaat het met Polleng? Ik mis hem echt wel! Onze katten zijn na twee en een halve maand verandert in twee dikzakken....
Ik hoop dat meer Nederlanders jullie lumbung gaan vinden....want dan ben je echt op vakantie in Bali. Groeten van ons twee!"
Sophie en Dion
December 23rd 2003
"My friend Jennifer and I stayed at Damuh with Tania, Lempot, and Jodi after a three week chiropractic mission trip we served on in Candi Dasa. We had adjusted hundreds of people and were looking to have some rest and relaxation before returning to school in the United States. Of course the Universe put us in the right place at the right time and we met our new friends who had the most amazingly perfect place for us to stay. Whoa! I never imagined I would spend my last days in Bali at the most beautifully serene and lush bungaloes i had ever experienced. The space Tania and Lempot have created makes me realize the potential of truly manifesting my dreams one day. I now know that if I put my heart into it I can manifest an amazing living space that others can enjoy as well. I know I will return one day, hopefully soon! I miss you and love you and can't wait to meet Lily! Love, Trace!"
Tracey Wright
United States
October 29th 2003
"My time with Tania, Lempot and Jodi made my experience in Bali all the more special. The Lumbungs were a paradise by the sea and the bathrooms were wonderful. News Years on the beach was so much fun, and I look forward to visiting Tania, Lempot and Jodi again very soon."
Amanda Const
January 8th 2003
"What a week in paradise. Waking every morning in beautiful sunny bali, the location, the hosts and Candi Dasa - All Fantastic, What Bali is all about!"
Fletcher Hancock
January 5th 2003
"Beautiful website, we cannot wait to come and visit! It has been such a long time, Tania, since we were youngins hanging out in Jakarta. Love to all."
Brian and Hilary Munson
Bethesda, Maryland
October 25th 2002
"Alrighty Guys, A week back in Shanghai & it seems like an eternity since I was with you. It was really good to be back. What can I say, but hope to see ya soon. Drop me your email address so I can send you some photos. Much Love."
October 12th 2002
"Joni Mitchell lamented that they tore down paradise, put in a parking lot! Tania & Lempot managed to tear down a garbage lot , put in a paradise. Lumbung Damuh is a paradise in all its guises, with wonderful hosts, splendid accommodation and our greatest stay in Bali. Thanks for a great start to our travels."
Family van Kempen
August, 2002
"Thank you so much for letting us share in this small paradise you have created. So refreshing to see how a Bali holiday can be so down to earth and peaceful."
Kate Kras & Leon
July, 2001
"Totally de-stressing experience."
Ed and Karen
September, 2001
"Thank you so much for a piece of heaven on Earth! Absolutely lovely accommodation! The bathroom is amazing."
December, 2001
"We discovered this hideaway on our search for a beer break. We ended up staying longer. Hosts with lots of info."
March, 2002
"Home away from home. Experienced a taste of village life with you."
Rosemary & Mike
New Zealand
May, 2002
"A combination of simplicity and thoughtful design is working fabulously."
Marcel Baayens
New Zealand
June, 2002
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