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Balinese Homestay


My name is I Wayan Metro but my friends call me Lempot, which means, "long" or a "sash."

I graduated from high school and continued on to hotel and tourism school. After that I worked in a small hotel to practice what I learned in school, and was freelancing as a boat driver - taking people out snorkeling, diving, fishing and surfing. I understand that life is a PROCESS: eat, drink, and see what life brings to me. I earned enough money to go to school and learn English for three months.

After I finished my course one of my friends wanted me to work on a cruise ship but I met Tania and from here my life began, this was the start of a new life - as people say, but I can also feel it in may heart, that life becomes strong and wants me to raise the flag of life up, up, up - like a star shining in the sky which every person dreams about.

My name is Tania and I grew up in Indonesia. Although I have a Dutch citizenship, my father is Dutch and my mother German, we spoke English at home and I did not feel any one nationality. Growing up all over the place made me realize that this is all one world and that "wherever you place your hat is your home."

After Jakarta we moved to Singapore and then I was off to the heart of Bavaria. After going back to Indonesia for a short while I lived in Oxford, Switzerland, and Holland, Portugal in a tent, France on the ski slopes, Hawaii on a farm.

But my path has taken me back to Indonesia where I lived in Yogja and now in the East of Bali. This is where I met my husband and had a beautiful Balinese wedding. But more importantly this is where we started our own family and we are a part an extended family. Our children; Jodi, Lily and Kaya, were all born in Bali.

Environmentally friendly.
We have begun a regular beach clean up. Every Saturday at 4pm, we, and the local village kids, scour the beach to remove any unwanted rubbish. You are more than welcome to join our attempt to encourage local environmental awareness.

Relaxing Vacation
Relaxing Vacation
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Relaxing Vacation
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