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A Lumbung is a traditional wooden structure on stilts for storing rice and Damuh was our great-grandfather's name. It also is the Balinese word for morning dew.

We are situated in the East of Bali, between Padangbai and Candi Dasa in a place called Buitan and is also known as Balina. We are right on the coast of Amuk bay. At our little homestay right on the beach, we have 4 Lumbungs, 2 standard - good for 2 persons each, 1 superior - sleeps a maximum of 3 persons and 1 deluxe - big enough for a small family. Our family lives in the big lumbung-like house at the back and tend to our guests' every need.

The Lumbungs are decked out with all the comforts: spring beds, hot showers (the superior room has a bathtub), soap and towels, mini bars, fans, and we also provide a laundry service. All the Lumbungs are set in a lush tropical garden and have views to the Indian Ocean and the islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, or the garden ponds.

After a good nights sleep to the sound of the waves, you can have your breakfast at your Lumbung or in our home at the table. And here you can have what your heart and stomach desires provided its available...let us just tantalize your taste buds, would you like fresh fruit and yogurt, pancakes, or your special Indonesian Nasi Goreng (fried rice), French toast..,or would that be sausages and eggs?

Once you are done with all that goodness you have a big choice of things you can do, and then again it is also just nice to do nothing. Well depending on the waves you can go snorkeling and fishing, boating with the local fisher boats, or you might want to try boogie boarding or surfing. Diving with Mr. Metro, Lempot's Dad, who has been diving in these waters for over 30 years. He can show you underwater worlds that you might otherwise miss. If you like action you can go trekking and mountain biking otherwise you can stroll the short street of Buitan with the good and cheap warungs (restaurants,) little local tokos (shops) and souvenir shops. When you have tired yourself out and want to treat yourself to some goodness, then you can have a massage in the comfort of your Lumbung.

We prepare great local tasting food. Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice) A selection of vegetarian tempations. Fresh beef, chicken or fish (our specialty) with our own chilli sauce.

If you want to spend your whole day out on the road then we can give you hints of what to see and what not to waste precious time on. We can help you organise a car and a driver for a whole or half day. Tell us what your interests are and we can then see how we can best accommodate you. Do you like the Arts or shopping, the outback scenic routes, the temples?

Please come and flavour a special kind of Bali - a beautiful memory of paradise.


  • Hot water
  • Garden bathrooms
  • Minibars
  • Laundry service
  • Fans


  • The Real Bali
  • Tours
  • Massage
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Surfing
  • Boogie Boarding
  • Rainforest Trekking




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What Do Our Guests Say?

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Sienara Arsyad Indonesia

"Tania! congrats on the website. It looks great! Tapi kalo semakin banyak orang yang dateng lama2 makin mahal dong yah? I hope not! I'll be a poor college student for a while hehe I LOVE Lumbung Damuh! I will absolutely come back there. I had the BEST 21st birthday at your homestay. Your place is really a breathtaking tropical paradise. I'll be home in December. Hopefully, I can come and visit. Send my love to everyone, esp. Princess Lilly."

Torben & Alix England

"The Lumbung experience was amazing and will be something that we will never forget. Tania and family make you feel very welcome and provide the best of service and good advice on the area. The staff went out of their way to help and kept the place in an immaculate way. We stayed here for a week and had an excellent mix of activities and 'chill out' time. You are in easy reach of Candi Dasa where you kind find a variety of good restaurants. Thanks Tania, Lempot, we really enjoyed your bit of paradise."

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